Castell Peralada Winery

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Peralada Castle

When Miquel Mateu acquired Peralada Castle in 1923, one of his dreams was to bring back the wine growing tradition of the 14th century, when excellent wine was already being produced by the Carmelite monks of the convent that stands next to the castle.

This is how the Castillo Perelada winery came into being.

It is located in the heart of Empordà, a county that enjoys outstanding geographical and climate conditions thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean and due to the extraordinary variety of its soils. Today, Castillo Perelada is known as one of the most prestigious and charismatic wineries in the country.

The art of wine growing has been cultivated by several civilisations in Empordà and this small geographical area boasts a variety of soils found hardly anywhere else the world: slate slopes, sandy valleys, river sediment, lime and clay-rich earth and gravel soils.

Thanks to the wide variety of the soils in which its vines grow, Castillo Perelada obtains grapes with a dazzling array of nuances.